Officially released on the 9th May 2012, the Fisheye Candy Edition, the first 35mm Fisheye camera all wrapped up in glossy pink and yellow, will take you on a wild sugary ride to the fun world of fisheye photography!

If you’re the kinda girl with a sweet tooth, then you’re going to love this. Lomography is all set to satisfy your hunger for sweet indulgence with their new Fisheye cameras. Sunshine-y colours, takes pretty pictures, goes with just about all of this season’s (read: spring/summer) outfits – what’s there not to love?

A bit of a caution though: Although these cameras come in two deliciously cute colours, they’re not exactly edible. Just saying!

Fisheye One Cherry

Satisfy your Lomographic sweet tooth with the Fisheye One Cherry! Dressed in luscious pink and brown, this compact camera will take you on a wild sugary ride to the fun world of Fisheye photography. Or should we say, Lomography.

Fisheye One Vanilla

Looking for a sweet Lomographic treat? The Fisheye One Vanilla is here to satisfy your hunger for amazing photographs. Coated in creamy shades of yellow and grey, this compact camera will let you see the world in a crazy circular perspective!

Ticklish yet? Both the Fisheye One Cherry and the Fisheye One Vanilla are retailing at RM180 each! Go get one. Or two.

For more information, visit their website or their Facebook page.