Last weekend, IKEA Malaysia officially launched the “småles Club” for kids between the ages of 4 to 10 years old, as IKEA believes that children are the most important people in the world.

The småles Club is free to join, and it is designed to provide an enjoyable experience for kids every time they visit the IKEA store. As members of the småles Club, the kids will become citizens of a fictitious “Quingdom” called “Småland”.

As citizens of Småland, they will get their very own passport and earn dållars in Smålish currency for each visit to redeem special merchandise and participate in exciting activities, events and more. Members can look forward to receive the quarterly “Bug News” in the mailboxes.

Every time a småle visits the IKEA store, they can redeem a free drink and enjoy a kid’s meal at a discounted rate.

småles can also earn green credits to exchange for dållars by bringing back newspapers for recycling (or for the Quing to cook her favourite food paper porridge, yum). But seriously, the newspapers are later re-used at the wrapping stations at the IKEA store. During 9th May to 10th July 2012, småles can earn three green credits instead of one for every 5kg recycled.

For more pictures from the launch event, go here.

When a småle turns 11 and head out to the real world for more adventures, they will receive a free cake on their 11th birthday from IKEA.

Apart from exciting in-store activities are such as:

1. Members of the småles Club will have the chance to participate in community events and campaigns that allows them to learn and have fun together.
2. A contest for Smålish citizens to name the ladybug icon.
3. Småland Christmas Bazaar in which the kids run their own businesses and be little entrepreneurs for a day.

“The main idea behind småles is to provide a fun day out for kids at the IKEA store and to make them feel that they are seen and taken seriously at IKEA. While the parents are here to shop, the kids can have something of their own that they can look forward to each time they visit. We are excited to be opening the doors of the småles Club to the little ones in Malaysia. We anticipate that the IKEA Malaysia småles Club will be well received by kids and parents alike,” said Ms. Yeong Tze Kuen (Deputy Regional Marketing Manager of IKEA).

“The småles Club is more than just an initiative to ensure that kids enjoy themselves at the IKEA store. It is also designed to educate kids on real world issues such as the value of money and conservation, and the virtues of caring for the community and environment,” she added.

Malaysia is the third country in the region after Singapore and Thailand to have its own småles Club.

For more information on småles Club in Malaysia, visit their official website.