We all certainly do remember how David Blaine used to walk around the streets and perform magic right? But have you ever imagined magic taking place in the context of a family? Still don’t get it ? This time around, well known magician Cyril is back in town. He will be hitting the Malaysian screens beginning June 7th.

Cyril’s Family Vacation 

This time around you will be lucky to watch Cyril and his family go on a vacation to Hawaii. But what happens in Hawaii? Unlike any other normal show where you see the magician stop people from the street and show them magic, this family has something more for you. They embark on this journey together and it is not intentional but all four family members have magic in their DNA. This is what which makes the show different. They just go around doing normal things and suddenly something happens which makes people wonder what is wrong with this family?

Let Lipstiq do the honours of introducing the family members which will embark on this vacation to you 🙂

Crazy Uncle Richard 

Just by his name, you can guess how crazy he is. He can be found sporting his favourite cigar and his stylish fedora everywhere and he has a good life. But what happens when strange magical things start to take place around him wherever he goes?

Grandma Magi 

We saw her yesterday and all we can tell you is that she is indeed mischievous. She had Orchids for dinner and she sneezed fire out from her nose! But what is her secret to remain young? She just loves hanging out with youngsters. In return, these youngsters help her to appreciate the natural magic of every moment. 

Cousin Tiny 

You may think he is Tiny but he certainly isn’t. Lipstiq was fortunate enough to watch the preview of the show and his main aim of going to Hawaii was to loose weight but trust us, that certainly isn’t working out very well as he can’t stop himself at all. As far as Tiny is concerned, he taught Cyril everything he knows about magic!

AXN is more than happy to take you on a ride with this family in June. Join in the fun and see how people react to the different mishaps which happens around the Cyril’s. Hidden cameras are still there and all AXN would like you to do is to book a date with your television set every Thursday, at 9PM from 7th June 2012 onwards for 6 consecutive weeks. See you there then ladies!