This topic has came up several times and we understand that sometimes we just do not feel like drinking water. Instead we prefer to grab our tempting looking can of coke or ice lemon tea which is sitting inside the fridge going “please drink me.”

But as tempting as it looks, perhaps before taking that can of drink, we should think about how much of water have we consumed in that day.


If you can’t tell if you have drank enough of water, then here is a simple tip.

– Does your urine have a peculiar smell?

– Is you urine dark in colour?

– Does your vaginal area hurt right after urinating?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then you certainly need to drink more water as your body is dehydrated.

What could happen if you do not drink enough of water?


Well as ladies we are all very concious of how we look right? Dearies, if you do not drink enough of water, your skin will certainly start to reveal your hidden secret to the entire world. Your skin would start to age and soon you will realize that you have got wrinkles. This can even take place when you are 30 and you wouldn’t want to suffer from such a problem at such a tender age.



You body needs enough water to remove the toxins from inside. If you deprive it from water, the toxins would remain inside your body and that is when you will become more prone to getting eczemas.


Urinary Infection 

The last thing you would want to suffer from in the mornings are urinary track infections. Imagine getting up early in the morning and you find yourself having so much of difficulty in urinating. Do you think that is it? No. You may have to run 5 to 10 times to the toilet to just let loose 1 drop of urine and this can continue until you get medical help. Not only is it time consuming, but it is super painful and it will just ruin your whole day.

We can go on about all the other effects but we know these are the common things which you ladies out there are concerned about.

So how much of water must you drink in a day?

On average you are required to drink 8 glasses of water per day. If you find it too much for a beginner, start of by substituting each can of coke with 4 glasses of water and see how it works. Good luck ladies and lets all practice a healthy lifestyle together.