No one likes to have cracked lips – the dry skin is annoying, not to mention unattractive! This problem is most common in countries with four seasons, especially during winter when the air is cold and extremely dry, but we’ve also met a few ladies who suffer from cracked lips in Malaysia.



Why do you suffer from cracked lips?

One of the main reasons people suffer from cracked lips is because of climate change. If you were to travel to the States when it is spring,  you would realize that you won’t suffer from cracked lips as much as when you are in Malaysia. Extreme cold weather and extreme heat can cause your lips to crack.

Another factor which most people tend to ignore is the amount of water you have in your body. When you are dehydrated, your lips would tend to peel more – it’s one of the signals that your body sends to you to ‘remind’ you to keep yourself hydrated.



Besides that, if your body doesn’t have enough Vitamin B, zinc or iron, you will suffer from cracked lips as well. Cracked lips are initial stage symptoms and you could suffer from other problems later on if it is not treated well.


How to cure peeling lips?

The most common answer you would get from the elders who happen to pass by you would be “drink more water.” But besides drinking water, there are other remedies which you could also use for your lips.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil will do the trick well as our body finds it easy to metabolize medium chain fatty acids. You can either choose to apply this directly onto your lips or you can choose a lip balm which is made from coconut oil. If you would like to apply it directly onto your lips, then leave the bottle of oil in the fridge for a few hours so that you would get a cooling sensation when you rub it onto your lips.


Another good way to heal peeling lips is by applying some ghee or butter onto your lips. Not only would it help to reduce the amount of cracks on your lips,it would also help your lips to gain back its original colour.


According to the American Academy of Dermatologists, Vaseline was found to be the best remedy for cracked lips as it will moisturise your lips as well as it will allow your lips to heal slowly by itself. A bottle of Vaseline can be found at any Guardian or Watsons pharmacy around your neighbourhood.

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Try the above and see if it works. If your lips continue to peel and starts to get from bad to worst, the you should seek professional help.

If you have other suggestions to cure cracked lips, please do share those suggestions with us.