If you missed out on what happened, here’s a quick recap of the fun-filled star gazed night!


The entire ceremony started with a light percussion from the group, ‘Stomp’. Followed by the national anthem of England. There were also a couple of quirky performances like a mini ‘Batman & Robin’ reenactment and a performance of what London was like back in the earlier years.

Then came the performances – First there was a mini performance by The Pet Shop Boys – they made one round singing one of their hit songs.

After that, then came the newest and most current band, One Direction – the five heartthrobs came out singing their hit single ‘What Makes You Beautiful’. Ofcourse, that is something that made the crowd go wild. Then went around the stadium singing their song and hyping up the crowd.

After they were done, ‘Stomp’ came back for another unique performance in order to welcome all the countries who participated through out the Olympics. Every athlete was their and proud to be too. They did their round and formed into the shape of the British flag – that was in fact stage area.

To start off the bigger performance, there was a remastered version of John Lenon’s song ‘Imagine’ – with a small never before seen footage of him. It was said that it was remastered by Yoko Ono herself.


Then came a performance by George Michael. He played two of his hit songs – one of which was ‘Freedom’. Despite his age, he really moved around the entire stage. Gotta give it to him for that!
The Kaiser Chief’s came up next performing a song by ‘The Who’. While their performance was going on – several displays on the top models from England came through – soon after, the banners of these models were dropped down – they were inside to make an appearance. The models included, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Lily Donaldson, Giorgia Jagger and many more of Britain’s finest models. All of these models were dressed by none other than Victoria Beckham. Naomi Campbell and some of the other models were also wearing a creation by Alexander McQueen.

Then came a great performance by Annie Lenox singing ‘Little Bird’. It was a great performance because of the costumes and the props that were used. It was definitely something different. After her performance, then came another fresh artist, Ed Sheeran. He was accompanied by the drummer of Pink Floyd and they sung together one of Pink Floyds classics.

Then came a really unexpected performance. Russell Brand came through to the centre of the stage on top of a mini van and singing a medley of interesting hits including songs by The Beatles and a song from the soundtrack of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. It was nice to see him smiling and singing and not throwing around vulgar comments and foul words.

Russell Brand then introduced the next performer which was none other than British DJ, Fat Boy Slim!  He was spinning on the deck that was situated in the middle of a blow-up octopus. There was a couple of dancers who accompanied his tunes. Ofcourse, he played his biggest hit, ‘Funk Soul Brother’. He continued to spin on his decks to accompany the next performance.

Another new and chart topping topping artist came through, Jessie J! She sang her no.1 hit single, ‘Price Tag’ – just when her song was done. Tinie Tempah popped out from the back of a car –  and then both him and Jessie J continued to sing the song ‘Written In The Stars’. But that was not it – after they nearly completed the song – another guest performer came up – Taio Cruz! There three of these artist accompanied each other to the stage singing ‘Dynamite’ which is Taio Cruz’s hit single – and together they also sung a hit song by the Bee Gees. It was definitely one of the highlighted performances of the night.




Then came the performance that everyone had been waiting for and anticipating. Five cars drop to the middle of the stage, all which had the number plate ‘Spice’ on them. Each car was colored to represent each of the Spice Girls. They came out of the cars and started their smashing performance. They started with the song ‘Wanna Be’ and moved around the stage with so much energy. They then proceeded back to the cars and performance ‘Spice Up Your Life’ – all five of them standing on the roof of the cars. It was definitely a great come back for The Spice Girls! We were excited to see them back together on stage. Watch their performance HERE!

It proceeded to a performance by Oasis and their hit song ‘Wonderwall’ from their album in 1995. Then, Muse made it to the stage singing their song, ‘Survival’ which was also the theme song for the London Olympics 2012.

Then came a performance no one expected – the orignal members of Queen came up on stage. Starting with a guitar solo – it proceeded into their hit song ‘We Will Rock You’ with a guest singer – none other than Jessie J! It was a performance that made everyones jaw drop. We would say that it was our favorite performance too. Watch the performance HERE!

There was also a mini Monty Python remake staring Eric Idle – it was really entertaining and just the kind of laughs you needed after all that has happened that the Olympics 2012. Watch the performance HERE!

The closing of the Olympics 2012 was coming close – and there was a mini performance that was handled by Brazil, which will be the next destination for the Olympics in 2016. Famous Brazilian artist hit the stage with colourful performances and unique tunes and amazing costumes. Victoria Secret’s angel, Alessandra Ambrosio was amongst the performers on stage. As she was the model to pass the flag over from London to Brazil. Watch the performance HERE!


Just when we though the entire show was over, Take That and The Who came to stage and performed their hit songs. Followed by amazing fire works and light works. It was a great end of the most anticipated sports event in history. Watch their performance HERE!


What was your favorite performance? 

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