Can’t stand your hair falling out by the dozen? Especially when your in the shower? Don’t worry, your not alone. A lot of women are expereincing the same problem.

There are several reasons for why we go through hair fall – whether what we eat, or the shampoo we’re using. But the main cause for hair loss is stress. If you’re living in the face-paced life of work – you will experience hair fall, there’s no doubt – but don’t be alarmed, it is normal. An average person looses 100-150 strands of hair on a daily basis. But, if you are loosing double or more of that amount, it is best to see a doctor for consultation.


We’re not going to tell you what products you must use – the matter of fact is, it all starts naturally, and here are a few habits that you can follow to help reduce your hair loss.

1. Eat right
What you put in your mouth effect every function in your body – if you are eating junk constantly, then don’t be surprised that your hair is falling out. Eat the right nutritions in order to keep yourself feeling better and looking good. Stock up on a lot of fruits and vegetables and try to stay away from processed food – that’s the ultimate killer!


2. Pamper your hair
Just like how you would put on a mask two/three times a week – do the same to your hair. Take a moment to pamper your hair – whether it’s doing a cream bath or hair mask. It’s always good to do a little. Also, try to go on a regular trim. We’re not saying you should change your entire hair style – just go in to cut off the dead ends of your hair. This will help with your hair fall too. We would say cut it once every 4-6 months for the best results.

3. Cleanse yourself
Drink lots of water, and be sure to consume the right vitamins. This will help rejuvinate your skin and body – with all the toxins that come in and out of our bodies when it comes to living a unhealthy lifestyle – it is always important to cleanse yourself.


4. Exercise
Now, you’re probably going to wonder how exercise is suppose to help you hair? Isn’t it just for keeping fit? Well, you’re wrong. Hair fall is something that usually happens when you are stressed and exercise is one of the best things to do to de-stress. We’re not saying you have to go out and run a marathon – try yoga in the morning, or evenings. This slight shift in your lifestyle will help your hair and you in general. (source)


5. Avoid chemicals
Dying our hair has become a trend that sets personalitys instantly. People change hair colours as much as possible – trying new things. Bleaching and hair dye can be the most harmful things to do to your hair. We’re not saying you should not do any of it – of course we all want to look fashionable – but avoid doing it TOO much. Once in a while, it’s fine. And make sure that you do the right treatments if you do dye your hair frequently.


6. Avoid hot water
As nice as it is to take a hot shower at the end of a day, try to avoid washing your hair with hot water. Instead, keep the water luke warm or even towards the cold side when washing your hair. Hot water breaks the hair follicles and also strips the scalp of it’s natural oils.


These small changes in your habits and routines will help you reduce the amount of hair – but it will not end hair loss for good. Hair loss is a natural thing for our bodies to go through – it just depends on how much hair loss you are experiences.

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