New York Fashion Week is back and it’s time for some Spring 2013 collections. Victoria Beckham displayed her Spring 2013 designs on the runway, and it was nothing short of amazing.

We noticed that she spun around three specific colours, red, white and black and she played a lot more with patterns, fabric and cutting. We were pretty surprised with the outcome of this entire collection, for that it is pretty different than what Victoria Beckham usually designs for her ‘Ready To Wear’ collections.

With a variation of dress, skirts and even pants – these looks are something that anyone from any feild could wear. Whether it’s for a dinner party, or to the office – Victoria Beckham has designed these looks to make you look classier than ever.

None the less, Victoria Beckham is known to make her designs stand out despite the pieces being plain and simple. Especially with the fact that she hardly ever accessories her looks – which, we put a lot of praise too. It’s hard to make a plain look not look boring – but Mrs. Beckham really knows what she’s going.

Trend Alert
So, what are the trends that we’re spotting in Victoria Beckham’s Spring ’13 collection? We’re seeing a lot more symetrical cutting – whether it’s triangles or just vertical/horizontal strips. The colour combination is pretty closed in the sense that she’s decided to play with only a handful of tones – and still finds her way to vary the looks.
As for the shoes – we’re noticing a lot more flats and high-top boots. Something a little different than Victoria Beckham’s usual picks – we all know how much she loves her high-heels.

Take a look at more look from Victoria Beckham’s Spring 2013 collection: 

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