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Bam Margera at his best, being a total jackass.

Bam Margera, of MTV and “Jackass” fame, shocks everyone by tweeting a picture of himself threatening to shoot his tiny, cuddly dog.

In a recent twitpic, the 33-year-old thrill-seeker took things too far when he pointed what happenes to be a gun at his pit bull puppy’s head. “Penny pooped in my bed.” Margera tweeted and has since deleted. “If it happens again, Penny goes Bye Byes.” Margera, who also has six cats, said he was just kidding around and his fans should know that.

Omg! That’s so.. NOT funny Bam.

Margera tells to Philadelphia Inquirer that the gun was a fake. In an interview with the paper at his Chester County, Pa, home, Margera said he was unaware of a rise in horrific animal-abuse cases in the area. “I think those people need to go down, “ He said, adding that would’ve never posted the photo if he’d known about recent instances of abuse. “Just hurting another animal is rude, crude and more.”


He also said that he posted several other images of himself holding the toy gun to the heads of various friends, but no one complained about those images. Margera restated that he does not own a gun and has only fired one at a clay pigeon at a sporting event.

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Margera’s girlfriend, Nikki Boyd, said she was the real dog-lover in the house and Margera is “the crazy cat person.” Fortunately, Penny the pit bull, who has since been renamed Sunny, has a crate and, according to Boyd, is adapting well to training.


Sunny the pit bull, who is perfectly safe and sound (and still so adorable and fetching), she’ll be staying with a friend of Margera’s while he travels to Los Angeles and Florida on business for 10 days.

3 words for you Bam, Shame. On. You.