(Image: sxc.hu)

Do you wish for any changes or improvements to take place in your office? According to LinkedIn, the top three things that Malaysian employees wish for are to have an office clone or personal assistant (32%), a quiet place to nap in the office (31%), and for a spot with natural sunlight (22%). LinkedIn recently conducted some fun statistics with 420 Malaysian professionals about dream office tools and trends they wish to see in the future. Nine percent apparently have talkative colleagues for whom they wish to have a mute button! Other ‘dream tools’ working professionals would like to have are: free food, a complete paperless office and more lush green plants.


LinkedIn also asked its survey participants which office tools they think are becoming rare and could disappear in the next five years. The top five items that are on the ‘brink of extinction’, according to Malaysian professionals, are tape recorders, fax machines, the Rolodex, standard work hours and desk phones.


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