UNIQLO has launched the new ‘Ultra Stretch Jeans’ for women that, as the name suggests, are incredibly stretchable and promise to give extra lift to the buttocks and keep thighs firmly in place. Thanks to an innovative fabric that offers 40 percent stretch and 90 percent shape retention, these jeans offer comfort and have the ability to spring back in place and retain their shape.

According to a test fitting done in Tokyo, female participants felt their legs look more shapely when they wore the Ultra Stretch Jeans. With a silhouette created by a fit that exactly matches the line of the leg, Ultra Stretch Jeans give the effect of making legs look longer and trimmer.

This season, the Ultra Stretch Jeans come in eight different colours. The regular jeans are available in four tones including navy and black, while the coloured jeans come in burgundy, brown, dark green and blue.  Priced at RM169.90, you can find the Ultra Stretch Jeans in UNIQLO stores in Malaysia.