Hollywood’s teaming with numerous “body-beautifuls” out there, but we’re counting down the hottest figures that we love the most!

1. Beyonce was one of the women who brought curves back into the Hollywood scene subsequent to the release of her first solo album, Dangerously In Love. Remember the video Crazy in Love? The video really speaks for itself – Finally someone without skinny thighs showing them off in hot shorts!

2. Pop superstar, Rihanna definitely has a body to die for. Killer legs, check. Killer moves, check. Killer toned curves, mega check!

3. Natalie Portman is pretty much the whole package. An ethereal beauty with brains, and who doesn’t want a ballerina body like she did in Black Swan, that’s slender and graceful.


4. You can’t have a beautiful-people list without Angelina Jolie herself. Possibly one of the few Hollywood ladies clad in ink, how often do you find someone go from sex symbol to classic beauty Let’s not forget that she was also chosen to play the iconic Tomb Rider!

5. I’m sure deep down, everybody would want a figure like this Mad Men star, Christina Hendricks. But what makes her even hotter is the fiery red hair. The star even receives lesbian fan mails. That’s how amazing she is!

6. Then and now, Jennifer Lopez will know how to rock a burlap sack. She’s not one to starve herself, but she works out, a lot. Have you seen her abs?


7. Nicole Scherzinger has a bikini body we all want! The Pussycat Doll has pins and moves to die for, but did you know she spent most of her years battling bulimia? We sincerely hope that she’s stopped, but she certainly looks healthier!

8. Kim Kardashian and her sisters brought curves back to the market. Especially with that booty! Despite the allegations of her rear end being fake, we still can’t blame her for not being a stick thin Hollywood A-lister!

9. She’s described as the modern day Marilyn Monroe, and that should certainly say enough. We love Scarlet Johansson even more when she said “I don’t have to be skinny to be sexy”. And we certainly respect her even more for not being a size zero!

10. The world appreciated Kate Beckinsale after she appeared in a super tight leather suit in the movie, Underworld. Her figure looked statuesque and we always wonder how she runs in those heels!


So, who do you think has the hottest figure in Hollywood? Share with us in our Forum!