Can’t you tell if he’s really into you or just playing you? Well, here are some signs that will guarantee that your man is head over heels for you!

1. He calls to see how your day went
We’re not talking about ‘texting’ we’re talking about him calling you after a boring Tuesday at work just to ask how your day went. With nothing else in mind, he just wants to talk. Chances are, he’s been thinking about you all day. It takes a lot for a man to put down his ego and be the first one to call – so if that’s what you’ve got going on. Consider yourself lucky because your man is hooked!


2. He skips ‘guy time’ to hang out with you
The ‘guy time’ is a pretty big factor when it comes to men and a large portion of relationships fail because of the ‘friends’ factor – mainly because friends tend to get too sensitive when their buddy starts getting too serious with a girl.
If he’s willing to face the wrath of his friends just to spend the night with you – then you’ve got it good. It looks like he’s willing to do just about anything for you.

3. He tells you that he misses you
Men and their egos – it’s hard to push that aside. But if he randomly tells you he misses you – he really does miss you. It takes a lot for a guy to feel that way over a girl. Whether it’s by text or said to your face – it doesn’t matter. He misses you.

4. He grabs your hand first
When things start to become a little more ‘serious’ and you start to spend time with each other – who starts with the holding hands? If he does, means he’s focusing on getting connected with you. When he grabs your hand, it shows that he’s comfortable being with you and he’s also proud to have you by his side.


5. He makes every effort possible
Whether it’s the first, second or third date – he’s willing to do all sort of things. He’ll cook for you, he’ll take you out to your favorite places, and even go for cheesy walks down the beach with you. Guys are usually the ones who try to play it cool, sexy and fun. But if he shows his cute side, then you know he’s really trying to get all the attention he can from you – and that is a very good thing!


6. He’s by your side when you’re down or need help
When the going gets tough – he sticks by your side. Some guys will freak out at the idea of you being emotional, but if he stays, you know he’s a keeper. No matter what state of mind you’re going through, he’s willing to listen and just pay full attention to you… that’s a man who’s really into you!


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