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Kids these days are getting more in tune with technology and everything around it. You’ll be surprised that even your 5-year old could function your smartphone better than you can! The iPads are now more common among children than adults due to its high level of interactivity with the user. But while they’re hogging the iPad all day as you’re preparing dinner in the kitchen, how about introducing your little bean to a couple fun and educational apps to help them develop some skills and have a laugh at the same time.


1. Sock Puppets
We’re not quite sure which child were never entertained by the company of sock puppets. This app brings them to life in a screen where you can choose your characters and even help your kids help develop skills for conversation.
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2. Doodle Buddy
We know you want your child to unleash their inner Picasso’s without ‘upgrading’ your furniture or decor, so let’s them to do it on the iPad instead with Doodle Buddy. The app lets your child draw, sketch, scribble and paint without the need of a pencil, just their hands, and of course some creativity!
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3. Sight Words by Little Speller
So, your little one has gotten the hang of spelling and you’d like for him/her to have some fun while learning. Sight Words is a spelling game, and works a little like scrabble. A few letters are jumbled up for the child to see, and all they have to do is to arrange them in order!
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4. Go, Go, Greta!
Go, Go, Greta! is an interactive kids book narrated by two  Grammy-nominated artists, Lisa Loeb and Mark Meckell and the Happy Racers. The story is about the adventures of Greta, the busiest girl in the world! Your child can color and paint Greta’s world and save it in your iPad.
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5. Sesame Street eBooks for iPad
Everyone’s childhood was only deemed complete when Sesame Street became apart of our lives. Share that intimate moment with your child with these free eBooks by Sesame Street that allows your child to read aloud at their own pace, watch and listen in full-color and animation!
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6.BrainPOP Featured Movie
An app recommended by FOX News and USA Today, BrainPOP Featured Movie gives kids the chance to watch an educational animated movie everyday for general knowledge and they can even test what they’ve learned with a quiz! It helps them develop their learning skills and gives you a clearer understanding on the levels of your child’s memory, etc.
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Do you know of any educational iPad apps that you use with your kids? Share with us in our Forum.

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