We know fall and winter collections may not be practical for our sunny weather, but we can certainly get keep-up with the season with this wearable beauty trends seen on the runway!

Blunt Bangs
Inspired by Rooney Mara’s dark blunt bangs, this hairstyle can amplify a lot of your look. Keep them thick and start with a longer length to find the right look to suit the shape of your face and  the right length to open up your eyes.


Bordeaux Lips
Deep dark shades like dark plum and bordeaux are all the rage this fall. Keep it romantic by starting with prepped and perfectly lined lips. Keep the eye make-up to bare minimum, with a little dust of gold eyeshadow and mascara to keep the attention on the lips. To give it a modern touch, a little lipgloss can go a long way. (NYX Round Lipstick in Hestia)


Bold Brows
If your brows are being a little notorious this season, maintain the lushness of your eyebrows to give a little edge to the natural look this fall that will frame your face. Use a brown eyebrow pencil drawing short and gentle strokes, then define the arch with an extended line. Remember to use a brush to even the lines out so that it looks more natural. (Carine Roitfeld for MAC Slanted Tweezers and Brow Set in Clear)


Matte Red Lips
The classic red lip is here to stay, but start digging for the matte fire-engine red lipstick that will stop traffic. Models at Marc by Marc Jacobs paired their red lips with minimal make-up to draw attentions to the ‘cartoony’ lips! (MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection, Scarlet Ibis)


Cat Eyes
One can never go wrong with a sexy and bold cat-eye. For the perfect wing, opt for a brush with sharp precision, or a felt-tip liner. You can use a small piece of paper against the end of your eye to help navigate the right angle for the wing.


So, which of these looks will you be trying this season. Share with us in our Forum.

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