Liyana Fizi is a doll-like personality and a charming Malaysian indie-pop singer. Influenced by the music of Sade, Joni Mitchell and Kings of Convenience, Liyana combines a mixture of pop and folk with jazzy accents. We recently sat down with the founding member of Malaysian indie-pop band Estrella to talk about her favorite past-time and her new favorite gadget from CASIO.

Q. Are you a photography enthusiast?

I like taking photos and keeping them. They’re absolutely precious to me, and I relate cameras to holidays and capturing moments.


Q. What are the qualities you look for in a camera?

First of all, the camera needs to produce nice photographs. It can look good and such, but if the pictures turns out the way I don’t like it, then it wouldn’t be worth the money. Apart from picture quality, I also consider the size, and see if it’s heavy or bulky.


Q. Do you prefer carrying a camera on it’s own or do you prefer carrying a camera phone?

I like to have my lens and all the other equipment. I’ve used a Blackberry and iPhone camera, and they’re a bit different from a proper camera. When you go on holiday, you want a proper camera because you want pictures with hi-resolution.


Q. Out of the CASIO Exilim Range, which of these camera do you like and why?

I choose the EX-JE10 in white because of the color, brown on white, and because of its neutral colors, it will goes well with my wardrobe!
The first thing that caught me instantly was the strap and the jacket, and it was very light, so that was the first thing that caught my eye. Then I looked into the menu and it had a lot more functions than a usual digital camera. It was almost like a cellphone camera and it already had a couple of effects and a lot of functions. Plus, the camera is very light, so I can hang it around my neck or sling it over my body.
I generally carry my camera with me when I’m attending events or going on holiday. I don’t like going through my bag wondering “Where’s my camera” and I’d rather just have it right where I can just grab it and snap pictures. I also like the art shots, like the toy camera and monochrome shots, they’re really nice!


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