Alexa Chung is not only a famous British TV presenter and the contributing editor of British Vogue, but she has become a big name in the world of fashion. Know for her laid back yet stylish get-ups, she is the special guest at almost all the biggest fashion events out there. So… how can you get her signature looks? It’s pretty simple and easy too!

Here are a few ways that you can achieve Alexa Chung’s beauty and fashion looks – and we’re pretty sure it’ll take you under 10 minutes!


When it comes to beauty, Alexa Chung is the vision of simplicity. She doesn’t wear much make up no matter what her outfit is. Whether she’s on the red carpet or off to the super market – her make up stays minimal. Alexa keeps her eyeliner to a minimal – and most days it’s just mascara, a earth tone eyeshadow and maybe a touch of blusher.

As for her hair, she’s always got it messy. Sticking to her bangs and that natural ombre tone to her hair – she gives off that effortless touch.

Her fashion looks are very simple and out-there – she always gives us that ‘school-girl’ finish to all her choices of attire – don’t you think so? Whether she’s sporting oxford shoes, coral collars or a high waisted pleated skirt – she finds a way to give that cute but sexy finish to her looks. It’s rare for someone to be able to pull off both those characteristics in fashion.

One look that we’ve noticed a lot on her is stripes. She’ll always find a way to add stripes to what-ever she’s wearing. Whether it’s just with shorts and or worn as a jacket – she still makes it work.


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