Dear Ms. Lipstiq

I’ve been with my boyfriend just over a year now – and in the begining of the relationship, all was good. Now, things are getting worse by the day. He is starting to be so controlling over the things i do. It first started when a friend of mine came down for the holidays – i spent a lot of him taking this friend around, and my boyfriend started to get jealous. Soon after, it turned into something worse. He started to comment about the way i dress – he would tell me to change my outfit if he wasn’t pleased with it, and if i went out with other friends til late at night, he would continously call me and text me.. if i didn’t answer, he would come to where i am just to make sure i was there. I feel like he’s not letting me breathe… What should i do? I can’t take this anymore!


Hi Annabelle,

What you’re going through  is something a lot of other women are facing as well. When you get into a controlling relationship, it’s hard to know where you stand. Ofcourse, no one wants to be controlled over what you do. But first, was there something in your relationship that happened which caused your boyfriend to suddenly switch his controlling emotions on? The best way to get passed this is to talk to him – you have to state out how you feel and ask him why he’s being this way. I’m pretty sure there is a reason behind it. If after you guys talk it over and it still continues – you should really consider what you want, and whether to put yourself and your needs first or put his needs first. Either way, you’ve got to start out with talking. It’s never easy to deal with controlling situations

Ms. Lipstiq

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