Jeans are essentials in any woman’s wardrobe – that’s for sure. You can wear a pair of jeans with just about anything, be it a simple t-shirt or even a fancy halter top – it will always look so good. Especially if you’re someone who doesn’t like to show off your legs all the time, jeans are the safety items in any woman’s closet.

But, now jeans are coming up to the next level. It’s time to bring out some prints on those jeans. From floral prints to tribal prints – you can pretty much get anything you want on jeans. Not only that, these jeans don’t have to be just the classic demin blue shades, they can be any and every colour you want.

But… there are some do and don’t factors when it comes to pulling off these colourful beauties. What are they?

1. DO pair up printed jeans with a plain and simple top – black, white, or any other colour that isn’t too bright.
2. DON’T over print yourself. Wearing print on print is probably the biggest mistake you could ever do.
3. DO get the right cutting. Wearing printed jeans that are just too big/too small for you will only make you look weird.
4. DON’T wear it for any formal events – it’s too casual despite what you think. You don’t want the whole room staring at you, right?

So now, get yourself some printed jeans and have some summer fun! (after all, it’s summer all year round in Malaysia!)

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