Society is beginning to be more open with tattoos. And while a number of people do have some of the nicest pieces, there are a few who aren’t so fortunate to get something, well ‘sophisticated’for something that will linger on your skin for the rest of your life.

So, prepare to giggle, go ‘eek’ or check out something “cool”, as we share our list of seven of the most embarrassing celebrity tattoos!


1. Jermaine Dupri

The myth about tattoos is that you should NEVER ever get any references of your spouse or partner inked on your body. Hip-hop and R&B producer Jermaine Dupri learned that the hard way when seven years into his relationship with Janet Jackson, he gets an image of Janet in a demure Virgin Mary pose on his stomach. They broke up, eventually.


2. Ke$ha

Ke$ha’s one girl with a lot of attitude. She took to another level by sending a message to the world to “Suck It!” with a tattoo on her lips. That has to be one of the most painful, and inconvenient tattoos ever. Not to mention unhygienic!


3. T-Pain

A lot of people get themselves inked with something symbolic and meaningful in their lives. Rapper T-Pain may have gotten a little too creative with a tattoo that says “You don’t have to like me” with the infamous ‘like’ thumbs on Facebook. Geez, T! Something generic like a calligraphic script would still seem decent! And you wonder why  people aren’t taking you seriously?


4. Mike Tyson

There is no doubt that anyone with tattoos on their faces are pretty darn gutsy! But when you have something that leans towards being politically incorrect, you might just be asking for trouble. In 2003, Mike Tyson shocked the world with a Maori tribal tattoo around the right side of his face. Tribal tattoos may be cool and all, but how do you immortalize anything that’s not part of your culture?


5. Kat Von D

It’s hard to imagine tattoo maven Kat Von D getting a tattoo of her (ex) boyfriend, when she’s a well-respected tattoo artist herself. Kat was once insanely in love with Jesse James and get his childhood portrait inked on her rib cage. As you would expect, the relationship ended within months after. I’m sure you’ve been a consultant to hopeless romantics about getting their partner’s names inked, but we never expected that you’d end up doing it, Kat!



6. Gucci Mane

“I scream, you scream, we all scream”. Another Tyson case of getting something a little unorthodox inked on the face. However, in Gucci’s defense, ‘a little’ may just be an understatement. Shortly after being released from a chemical dependency treatment, the rapper got a triple scoop ice cream cone, fixed with red lightning bolts on his cheek. And just to put the ‘cherry on top’, he even got the words ‘Brr’ inscribed on the cone. Were you high, Gucci?


7.  Rihanna

It’s no doubt that Rihanna’s a creative soul. In honor of Tupac, RiRi got the words “Thug Life” inked on her knuckles, but gave it a feminine twist by using pink ink. Sounds cute, but it really isn’t. The pink simply looks like a really bad tattoo infection gone wrong. Get your homework done next time, RiRi!


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