Breakups are always hard – and how we deal with it is a challenge. The first few weeks are always the worst because we do whatever comes to our mind. We want to make sure you don’t tumble on the same mistakes and get through this break up bump without that many scratches. This is for the better of you. These are six things you should NOT do after a break up… ever. 


1. Call him every time you think of him
Yes, we know that when you were together, it was easy to just pick up the phone and randomly call him or text him. But now, as hard as it is to adjust from that comfort you used to have – you can’t just pick up the phone and call him anymore. Even if he comes to mind, and you think ‘Hey, lets say hello for fun’… No, it’s not going to turn out good no matter what you tell yourself.

2. Put all your emotions on Facebook
Social networks have become a huge part of our lives – we express how we feel, what we do, anything and everything on places like Facebook or Twitter. After a break up, our emotions tend to go in a spiral – do yourself a favor and avoid social networks at all causes (most specifically, Facebook) – You don’t need to show the world your high and low moments – this only causes you more embarrassment than you need. Keep it easy, and stay away from Facebook or Twitter. If you do want to post something, try to make sure it has nothing to do with your break up.


3. Stay away from the hairdresser
Post-breakup hair cuts are common – but if you’ve only been single for less than a few weeks, then try to avoid the hairdresser. A sudden change of look is good – but you’re probably not in the right mind to take on such a change yet. After all, you don’t want to end up for a half saved head or even worse, a bowl cut… right?


4. Trying to be ‘just friends’ right away
This is the instant reaction to all break ups. It comes instantly ‘This isn’t working, but we can be best of friends’ – Truth of the matter is, staying friends is not going to happen. Well, it could happen, but only after a few months. Take it easy and yourselves some time to breath. You can only grasp the entire situation once you’ve got hold of yourself and your own emotions.

5. Questioning him post break up
It’s normal to still have girlfriend instincts when it comes to him. So, when you go on facebook and check out his profile, then this photo of him and a girl you’ve never seen before – emotions start to flame up. Hold your tongue and don’t go flooding him with questions. You’re broken up, he has the right to do what he wants – vice versa. No matter what, try to keep your emotions in check.

6. Getting serious with another guy
This is the ultimate big no-no post break up. We always seek for any sort of comfort possible – but getting into a serious relationship is not the answer. No matter how you think about this new person, you’re emotions from the break up are still blurring things. Take a step back and know what you’re getting yourself into. Trust us, you don’t want to go from one break up to the next with all these kinds of emotions. It’s not healthy for you nor is it healthy for a new relationship.


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