Talk about loosing weight, he certainly went extra mile for this.

30 Second To Mars frontman Jared Leto, is tying up his stomach for his a role in film along side with Matthew McConaughey. We were white as a sheet after looking at the photos that photographer Terry Richardson took.

He confessed to that basically he is starving and hasn’t eaten in almost a month. On top of that, he also waxed his eyebrows to be a transsexual in the movie. “Your body goes through weird stages,” he said. “Sometimes it’s hard to hold on to water. But for me, it’s not about the most weight I can lose, it’s more to represent the character.”

From a muscular log to a sticky twig, the actor really gave this 100% for the role. “Historically, people have done it for pursuit of self, to achieve a meditative state, so I’m hoping for that,” he commented. “It’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

We don’t know how much weight he has lost but we’re proud of you Jared Leto!


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