It all started with the oh-so-funny Charlie Chaplin and his signature bowler hat and mustache, now the fashion world is taking away the mustache and putting on the bowler hats. It’s a new trend that’s going around, and it’s one that we personal think is pretty darn chic! From a casual look to a dressed up look – bowler hats are unique accessories that really bring out a different feel to any fashion look.

If you’re someone who loves to go out in simple clothes, then the bowler hat is a must-have. It’s simple, it’s chic and it’s also very trendy.

Celebrities like, Demi Lovato, Rachel Bilson and Misha Barton are huge fan of this bowler hat and you will see them wear it at least once a week whether it’s on the red carpet or out somewhere on the street.


Reasons to love the bowler hat: Here are a few reasons why you should love/start to love the bowler hat!

1. It matches everything
If you’re planning to get a blower hat, try to go for a black one. That way it will definitely match all the clothes you have.

2. It suits diverse looks
Bowler hats can work with all kinds of looks. You could throw on a loose top and shorts and the bowler hat will make it look more pulled together – if not, you could put on a pretty maxi dress and throw on the bolwer hat and it will still look good. So it’s diverse

3. It’s cool and effortless
Wearing a bowler hat will in fact give you that cool and collected feel – which is good. It’s also effortless – you don’t have to worry fixing your hair in a certain way or anything. If you’re having a bad hair day, just put the bowler hat on and alls good!


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