Do you often find yourself in a situation where you can’t seem to remember what you were meant to do, or who did what, etc? Or do you seem to find yourself processing things a little..slowly? This could possibly be an indication that your brain could be relaxing a little too much, and it might need a little more stimulation to get to work better. Lack of proper nutrients, exercise and an unhealthy lifestyle could be the major cause of slow cognitive function. Give your brains a little push and strength with these simple ways to boost your brain power!

1. Get More Omega-3
Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to improve your brain function apart from strengthening your immune system. It also helps improve your mood, and since it may be difficult to obtain the daily requirements, consider purchasing high quality fish oil supplements, or start incorporating omega-3 rich foods like salmon, tofu, tuna, soybean and walnut oil.


2. Eat Whole Foods
We are constantly reminded that processed foods are bad for us, but why so? For starters, in order to prolong their shelf-life, the nutritional compounds of the foods are eliminated, thus you end up consuming more empty calories. Furthermore, processed foods have a lot of chemicals added to them which eventually may effect your internal organs through regular consumption. And since these preservatives can effect your stomach, why wouldn’t it affect your brains? So, opt for more natural foods, and even if you must opt for something quick, chose frozen selections instead.


3. Drink Coffee
If you’re on to depend on a cup of Joe’s to perk up your mornings, you’ll be pleased to know that the combination of caffeine and antioxidants found in coffee can improve alertness and help you concentrate, and help you retain information. Studies in Europe has also demonstrated that people who drank coffee regularly showed less of a decline in their memory tests than those who didn’t.


4. Engage in Positive Activities
De-stressing may be the most difficult things in the world since everyday comes with a tougher challenges to overcome. However, stress will affect your entire wellbeing, from your appetite, heart , and even to your brain. De-stressing doesn’t have to be something as complex as going for a massage, but you can always start with something simple like meditating for 5 minutes, or watching a funny video on YouTube. Throughout the weekend, get involved with some quality time with your family, catch a movie, or do something that gets you outside. Stay away from harmful substances, especially recreational drugs, and it could potentially damage your brain cells, memory and cognitive function.


5. Get Sufficient Sleep
The body requires a good eight hours of sleep to keep you alert and energized throughout the day, but most of the time, it varies according to the body and mind. Too much sleep will leave you sluggish throughout the day, while too little might leave you cranky and irritable. Start maximizing your sleep by going to bed early and trying a couple of things to help you relax as you try to sleep.


6. Test Your Skills
There are so many ways to stimulate your brain function. While working or studying is technically exercising your brain, other activities that require some deeper thought and higher levels of focus can help you stretch your mind a little further. Try out some sudoku, crosswords, word search or even a good old board game. Most importantly, try having fun with these activities. It won’t only help you boost your brain function, but it’ll help you de-stress in the meantime.

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