Elizabeth Taylor is a women with not only beauty on the outside, but on the inside too. Barbie is now paying tribute to her by creating a doll specifically designed for her.Mattel, the name behind Barbie is creating a collectors edition Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Barbie doll in honor of the star’s iconic beauty and her major contribution to the AIDS research.

The doll really is a replica of the women that Elizabeth Taylor once was. It has raven black hair, violet eyes and this Barbie is sporting a pretty white dress – which is similar to the one she wore in the 1958 fom “Can On a Hot Tin Roof”. Plus, the red ribbon on the dress symbolizes her work and contribution towards the reasearch of HIV/AIDS in her lifetime.

According to BarbieCollector, “Magnificently created to capture every detail of her unique beauty, the face sculpt was reviewed and approved by Miss Taylor herself” – well, then it’s safe to say that Elizabeth Taylor would approve!
 The doll costs &150 and is named ‘Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds’ for the star’s signature perfume – and also her legendary love for jewelry. The Barbie is wearing gold jewels, delicate white gloves and a pair of white strappy heels. She also comes with white sunglasses and a replica bottle of her White Diamonds fragrance and movie script. Pretty neat, huh?
Would you get this Elizabeth Taylor barbie doll?