Casey Legler is not your typical high fashion model or catwalk model – she’s a woman who’s bringing male modeling to the next level. That’s right, male modeling.

Artist by day and model by night, Casey has been hired by famous modeling enterprise, Ford Models as male model. This makes Casey the first women to work exclusively as a male model.



How did this all happen? According to Casey, it all happened when a photographer friend had asked her to model some men’s clothing for a magazine shoot – and the 35-year-old artist told TIME magazine that her friend said, “You’re perfect for this. Are you in?” and Casey just said yes and went for it. The next day the photos that were taken during that shoot were shown to an agent at Ford models, and Casey Legler was signed on immediately.

Casey is breaking the barrier of fashion – and we see a little bit of history being moulded up here.

Check out what she has to say here:

Check out her portfolio here! 

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