As innocent as Taylor Swifts songs may sound, she’s made herself the kind of reputation that we can’t really ignore. Known for her fast-paced dating life and wide range of men she brings in and kicks out of her life, Taylor Swift has got that kind of swag that some may and may not respect. She has dated a large list of men in Hollywood, and none of which were discret happenings… after all, when you’re famous in Hollywood, the spotlight is on you. Taylor has never been one to shy away from the light either.

She’s dated a list of men that include, Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, Taylor Lautner, Connor Kennedy, and most recently, she’s been spotted with One Direction’s Harry Styles.

So how does one date that many guys and continue to be on a role? Well, here are some pointers that follow the tactics that Taylor Swift may probably use. From who to date and how to deal with dates, Taylor Swift really has that special way… or not so special?



1. If you work with them, date them
Taylor Swift has been known to work with her boyfriends – she’s either collaborated with them, or did a show or concert together. Example number one, John Mayer. They collaborated on one song and ended up in a relationship? It’s probably the close knit time that is spent. Especially when you are writing music together, we’re pretty sure she finds the connection somehow. Same goes for Taylor Lautner, she acted in one movie with him, and they ended up being an item.


2. If they are popular, date them
Popularity is important in the line of guys that Taylor dates. The more popular they are, the better it is. It looks like Taylor Swift finds a way to snab the it-guys when she gets the chance. Right now would be a good example as she’s dating one of the members from the hottest boyband, One Direction. It’s all in the status, and well, it also boosts her image too.


3. If they’re older, date them
Taylor Swift has also had her fair share of dating older guys too. Older guys give a certain kind of ‘security’… or do they? According to Taylor, the older the guy the more childish he may be. Well, she dated John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal… she may know a few things.


4. Once you dump them, sing about them
This is the ultimate lesson to learn  from Taylor Swift… don’t keep your emotions to yourself. If you’re a musician than take out a pen and write a song about them. Seriously, she’s not afraid to even use names! We’ve got to give her props for that – after all, these relationships turn out to be her hit songs.

There you have it – a few things to know when it comes to dating… according to Taylor Swift ofcourse. None the less, she’s young, she’s free and she’s putting her career ahead of it all. This ‘Love Song’ singer knows what it takes to make a good heartbreak album.



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