Previously adidas Originals Breathe And Stop Tour was a huge success, which happened in August 2012, and now adidas is back with their Laced Up Tour that tore dance floor apart. Who made the party rockin’ that night? Only the coolest Hip Hop DJs of all time – Dj Apollo, Vinroc and Tony Touch. It was a night of dance, music, and fashion that took place at The Butter Factory KL.

The adidas Originals ‘Laced Up’ Tour filled with a variety of Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, House, Reggae and so much more. The party people made the right choice by attending the party and also the first timers had the best time of their lives. We’re pretty sure we saw some of you bustin’ the moves to the core.

Breathe & Stop Champion dance crew made an exclusive performance that night and also 15 of the best dancers battled to showcase who has the best flavour, skill and style. Shawn Lee KL’s famous beat-boxer and Hip Hop master Altimet were there to enjoy the party as well.

The ‘Laced Up’ tour wasn’t just about partying, they also celebrated the Adidias Originals Zx collection, that has a touch of ol’ skool elements into the modern day street culture. DJ Apollo, DJ Vinroc and ofcourse DJ Tony Touch brought the unique vibe that embodies ‘Laced Up’. Awesome kicks if you ask us – the dancers were rocking the Originals ZX750 that night.

Here’s a glimpse at what went down at the Laced Up Tour 2012:



We definitely had a great night and we hope that you guys enjoyed the night too. Thank you Adidas!

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