Here’s something pretty unexpected, and creepy in some sort of way. A plot to kill popstar Justin Bieber was in the makings until these men got caught. So in other words, the found Justin Biebers potential killers before he was even in danger!

Apparently, a convicted killer in a New Mexico jail sought to have the ‘Boyfriend’ singer killed and castrated by one of his fellow inmates, who was suppose to carry out the murder once he was released.
Dana Martin is serving two life sentences for raping and killing a 15-year-old girl in Vermont back in 2000. It is reportedly said that Martin is obsessed with the teen idol and even has a tattoo of the Biebs on his leg.



Martin told the police that he was going to have his inmate Mark Staake and his nephew, Tanner Ruane to kidnap Justin and his bodyguard next month while he performs in Madison Square Garden, and he also went int details by saying that he wanted to strangle them with paisley ties and castrate them.

Fortunately, Martin changed his mind and ratted out his accomplice for outstanding warrants before he could go further with the plans. He nephew was then arrested in New York City with ‘murder tools and pruning shears’…. That’s kind of scary, if you ask us.

Looks like luck was on Justin’s side… let’s hope he doesn’t EVER get harmed!


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