Trauma refers to a physical or emotional injury, and it can also leave a long lasting impression on one’s thoughts, feelings and behavior. Psychological trauma in children, if not dealt with properly can negatively affect the development of the child. Trauma can sometimes be caused by natural disasters, abuse, accidents, or even a small fall that could leave the child with a emotional shock, leaving them in fear of anything related to the incident.

Helping your child cope with trauma can be difficult, but by giving them love and support, they can recovery and will be more balanced. Here are ten steps to help your child cope with trauma.


10 Ways to Help Your Child Deal with Trauma

1.  Give them assurance. Remind your child that they are safe and protected at all times.

2. Remind them they are loved and you’re there to comfort them whenever they need you.

3. Spend quality time with them to help keep their mind off the incident.

4. Let them see that you’re also saddened by the incident so they see that you understand how they feel too.

5. Give them space to act out. Kids will be kids, and you cant expect them to cope with this situation like an adult.

6. Allow room for them to unleash their creativity. Some kids will find it easier to express themselves through drawing pictures.

7. Communicate with your child to try comfort them, but remember not to use any words or scenarios associated with their traumatic experience.

8. Shower your child with attention. It’ll be more than just giving them a treat, but it’ll give them chance to heal.

9. Talk to your child’s teachers and even peers to help them cope with school and socializing with friends.

10. Give you child the chance to help those in need. Start with an animal shelter or even a petting zoo to help them feel they’re contributing to those in need.


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