The big holiday season is coming hear, and you’ve suddenly come to realization that you are all alone with no one to enjoy the night with. And while everyone is out sharing the holiday spirit with their loved ones, you can also enjoy the time to yourself. Think about it; no one to boss you around, no one to clean up after? Just you, you snuggly pajamas and some ‘heavenly peace’.

So, if you’re a woman without a man, here are a few things you can do enjoying the holidays, solo!

1. Pamper Yourself
If you have a whole day with nothing to do, give your body a little R&R by heading to the nearest spa for a nice facial, and most importantly, a body massage. A massage will help you release endorphins, which will make you feel happier and more refreshed after. Follow up with a mani-pedi, and perhaps head to the hair salon and get your hair curled for a night out?




2. Get Crafty
A woman’s alone time is only well-spent when something crafty is being done. Create some cute Christmas decorations and have fun in the process by taking pictures, and laughing your time away. Don’t forget the keep a bottle of wine handy. It’ll take the pressure off making things look pretty. Besides, you can always snap a picture the ugly ones and post it on Instagram! 4 Rustic DIY Decors You Can Try


3. Spring Clean
Too much time on your hands? Why not spruce your place up with a little bit of cleaning. Start clearing up all your old clothes, junk and more and perhaps get into the spirit of giving by donating them to the shelter. It’ll make you feel a lot better knowing that your unused clothes would make a little girl somewhere happy, and you’ll realize you now have more space for something new, which leads us to our next tip..


4. Go Shopping
Yes, the best reason to celebrate Christmas – discounts galore, and all the pretty dresses that you can afford. Give your wardrobe some sparkle with a sequined dress, or get a couple new lipsticks, shoes, or even that little designer dress you’ve been hoping to buy for a while. No one’s there to stop you, and besides, you’ve only got yourself to impress, you diva you!


5. Organize a Party
Just because everyone’s having a good time during Christmas, doesn’t mean you can’t too. Open your home to other people who are in your situation, or to those who’ve got time to spare. Celebrate with glee and prepare some hors d’oeuvrs for your guests. Keep the catering light because you want everyone to mingle. Don’t forget the wine or bubbly!



6. Take a Island-Break
If you can’t stand being alone at home during the holidays, the only smart thing to do is to take that beach vacation you’ve always been talking about. Keep it low-key, stick to a clean budget hotel, pack your necessities, your best bathing suit and head to the perfect island getaway! Let lose and party the night with new found friends. Just don’t forget to give your folks a call to let them know you’re okay.


Are you alone this Christmas? What are you planning to do? Share with us in our Forum.

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