Dear Ms. Lipstiq,

To be honest, I’ve never felt this happy in my life before. I’ve been seeing this guy – a cute guy if I may add, for a couple of weeks now and I really like him. We would go out for a movie, chilling by the park, walk on the beach and all that jazz. Despite all that, how do I know he has the same feelings towards me? I’ve been searching high and low for all the clues but I just couldn’t find it. I really care about him and I know for a fact that he cares about me too but what if he sees me like a friend or even more badly – his sister! I’m really cheerful when I’m with him and I always get good vibes around him. He once said that he’s genuinely happy whenever he’s with me too, but the question is how do I know he likes me back? Help Ms. Lipstiq!  

Marissa Tan

Hi Marissa,

First of all, can we just say how cute you are with this guy. Second, you might just get you first clue right there. Marissa, if a guy says that he’s genuinely happy with you, that means he’s comfortable with you. If this guy really likes you, he would possibly do anything just to go out with you, and of course he will be nice, and he might pick on you just for fun. It’s normal for girls to feel this way because sometimes guys tend to go around the bush for a while cause they’re actually nervous. Tell you what, the next time when he goes out with you, checks if he’s nervous around you when he is with his friend – if he does, he just don’t wanna make a fool out of himself in front of his friend and by that he likes you. Look out for body gestures, and also eye contacts cause that will make the puzzle complete. Be patient, for everything is gonna be alright, but you have to remember do not put your hopes too high honey. Nonetheless, judging by your mail we can see that he’s a keeper!

Ms. Lipstiq

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