So the bills keep coming, and the debt keeps piling up. Unfortunately, it doesn’t leave any room for you to strategically save up for that designer handbag or that trip to the Mauritius, but with our four helpful tricks and some determination, you can certainly see yourself being free from debt. 

1. Slice. Not Swipe

You heard us. Slice those credit cards with a pair of scissors so you will not find the urge to charge more things to your card, especially for things you do not need. The first step to free yourself from debt is by eliminating all forms of temptation. With credit cards, you’re not only paying for the things you buy, but you’re also spending you hard-earned money on high interest rates that will also further your debt. So cancel that credit card and start paying things by cash.



2. Pay Your Bills

It’s important to pay your bills on time, but get organized and discipline yourself to get your financial priorities in check. Some companies can set up automatic payments through your salary, so do enquire further with the human resource department in your company. Keep a fresh list of all the debt and priorities you need clear off so you know how to spend wisely with the remaining amount you have left.


3. Earn Some Extra Cash

If you’ve been working hard in your company for a while now, it may be time for you to ask your boss for a raise. If a raise is out of the question, look into earning some extra cash by selling off the things you don’t need anymore. Look for an extra part time job, or even start a little business selling crafts or baked goods to help you earn extras. It may be hard work but it will eventually pay off.


4. Stay Positive

While you see yourself in a path of thrifty, simple-living, remember that getting out of debt can be very difficult for everyone. It’s a massive lifestyle change, since you’ll be cutting down on your expenses a lot, it’ll help you realize how strong you can be in hard times. As we constantly hear news about the instability of the economic market, keeping yourself free from any debt will prepare you for hard times ahead. How to Have Fun on a Budget


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