Diet Coke glams up with Benefit Cosmetics

You know, when you’re having a terrible day, or have sugar cravings (or rather, Coke cravings) but you’re not liking the idea of a thicker waist, there’s only one other options. And that is, to dive into the fridge for a nice, cold can of Diet Coke.

In line with the upcoming fashion and beauty trends for spring, Diet Coke is teaming up with Benefit Cosmetics to doll itself up. Enter, the “Get Glam” Spring 2012 female-centric Diet Coke cans! This special collction is part of their puppets campaign called, “Love it Light” and it comes in monochrome prints in floral, zebra, and hound’s tooth prints decorated within female profiles with hyper colour lips.

The campaign demonstrates the bran’s light-hearted attitudes, targeted to young, fun-loving women. Benefit Cosmetics’ role, apart from being Diet Coke’s “makeup artist”, is to inspired consumers with the latest beauty looks and reward them with money-off here.

Yes, every “Get Glam” Spring 2012 Diet Coke can comes with a £5 (RM23) voucher code that is redeemable off any Benefit Cosmetics online purchase made over £20 (RM95).

Now, how about that? Great on taste, light on waist, instant “pick me up”, and totally goes with your outfit. It’s rewarding in more ways than just one!

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