Cell phone producers are really taking the female market into consideration these days, aren’t they? But oh, how dare they think that just as long as they make cute devices that are pink and small, we’d fall for it!

Okay, okay, admittedly, we do fall for it. Guilty as charged!

And now, Fujitsu Japan is ready to roll out their “special cell phones” designed especially for girls. Android model is called the F-03D Girls and it was developed in cooperation with popular teenage fashion magazine, Popteen

It comes with a waterproof body, special lights at the bottom and around the camera, pre-installed super cute photo games and apps that are specifically designed for a female user base. Best of all, the “girly phone” runs on the Android 2.3 platform and it boasts a 3.6-inch LCD screen to better view “camwhore” pictures that were taken with its 8MP camera!

The F-03D Girls also comes with a TV tuner (here comes the couch TV-series-watching potatoes) and an e-wallet function. Ahem. Convenience is key:

We can already hear you squealing with glee.

We’re not sure if it’ll ever reach our shores but we do know, however, that Japanese mobile carrier NTT Docomo plans to start offering the Fujitsu phone on the 20th of January 2012.