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[REVIEW] Vibrance Kegel Device for Feminine Health

If you’ve read this article before, you might want to reread it again because after two long months of use, we can proudly Now that you know the wonders that the Kegel exercise can do for you (read our article here to find out more) and if you’ve tried doing it before bed or while you were sitting in your chair reading this, you’ll know that it’s not so easy to locate the right muscle and if you’re frequently exercising the wrong muscle, it can difficult to rectify this problem in the long run. Introducing a simple but ingenious device that will we put you (or rather your muscles) at ease: Bioinfinity’s Vibrance Kegel Device.

What makes the Vibrance Kegel Device stand out from the other Kegel devices in the market is that it is not just a. We understand that you may have you worries about sticking an unknown contraption up your vagina but really, the Vibrance is a harmless little thing, compared to the other Kegel devices in the market and it claims to be the most effective and easy to use. Truth is, we think it’s pretty cute without coming across as being too “naughty”. Here’s hoping for a pink version soon, pretty please?

We put this nifty little device to test for the past two weeks and here’s a preview of the Vibrance Kegel Device as well as our early thoughts on its effectiveness.

Bioinfinity’s Vibrance Kegel Device has been patented in 18 different countries namely USA, Germany, France, UK, Australia, Japan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Malaysia and Thailand. It has also been awarded the Geneva Gold Medal for invention in 2001 because of the Vibrance’s effectiveness in design and technology for pelvic floor exercises.

Each box comes with a User Manual and Warranty Card, be sure to read the User Manual thoroughly as it contains instructions for product care, usage and maintenance. Warranty is valid for up to two years in the event your device malfunctions.

Here we have the main Vibrance unit house in a compact click-to-close box that’s lightweight and portable which you can bring along with you while travelling.

Pop it into your handbag and you’re good to go!

The sheath of the Vibrance Kegel Device is made from Medical Grade Silicon Rubber, is hypo-allergenic and antibacterial so you can be rest assured that it’s absolutely safe and comfortable to use without hurting your vaginal walls.

Ah, but the Vibrance is not to be used alone. To add some challenge to your Kegel exercise, there are 3 levels of resistance sheaths, all of which are similar in size but with increasing stiffness from Level 1 to 3.Rest assured that you will not experience any pain at all while performing the Kegel exercise with or without this device.

The different levels are indicated at the bottom of each sheathe through raised numbers. If you start with Level 1 and find that it is too easy for you (device frequently vibrates), you can proceed to using Level 2 or 3. You can also use the Vibrance without any sheaths if you have a severe case of incontinence otherwise you may have to consult a doctor.

The sheath can be easily attached on the device and here’s how it should look like after.

Each Vibrance set comes with 10 batteries but you only need a set of two for the device which will last up to 3 months with daily use, twice a day. To insert, unscrew the bottom of the device and slide in the batteries carefully. As long as you screw it in tightly, the Vibrance is waterproof.

The On and Off button is located behind the cover to activate the sound guidance switch to help you with your exercise. The Vibrance will vibrate even if the sound guidance is not activated. When the sound guidance beeps it is your cue to contract your pelvic muscles and to relax them when it goes silent. The beeps are on 2 or 5 second intervals and each sound guidance exercise will take 4 minutes and 48 seconds or 240 seconds. Of course if you prefer to mentally count in your head, you can turn off the the sound guidance by pressing the button again.

Each Vibrance Kegel Device set comes with two 50 ml bottles of lubricant and cleanser. Pump two to three drops of Vibrance Lubricant onto the tip of the device and spread it evenly before insertion.

After each use, you should clean the product with the cleanser provided or with a non-toxic, organic soap and water for hygiene reasons. Wipe it dry or leave it to dry naturally. Also, it is not advisable to share this device with anyone and as long as you take care of your device and clean it after each use, this device will last you for years and years.

So here are my early two cents on Bioinfinity’s Vibrance Kegel Device:

I started of with the Level 1 sheath and found that the Vibrance was constantly vibrating so I leveled up to Level 2 instead. It was more challenging for me and I realized that while the Sound Guidance component was useful, I couldn’t relax after contraction immediately so I forewent that function and used it at my own pace. Day one was particularly challenging because I had to practically tell myself to relax every 5 to 10 seconds. Oh and it’s highly advised to empty your bladder before the Kegel exercise lest you wish to wet your bed. Truth be told, I have a weak bladder and if prolonged will surely lead to incontinence once I’m pregnant. I will add my two cents towards the Vibrance within a month as it requires up to 2 months to see results from the product.

We at Lipstiq be giving away the Kegel Vibrance Device courtesy of Bioinfinity at the end of this month along with our final review on the product so if you’d like to get your hands on one then keep your eyes peeled!

Lipstiq readers will also be given 20% off the Vibrance Kegel Device which retails for RM598. Just key in the promo code 8000 at their online purchase page at Bioinfinity also ships internationally.

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