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Katy & Russell’s smiley goodbye!

Hollywood seems set to be a rather bleak place this 2012. Katy Perry and her soon to be ex-husband filed their final divorce papers yesterday. The divorce will be final on the 30th of June 2012 after the six-month waiting period.

All smiles, once upon a time.

The duo did not opt for a pre nup and lawfully, all assets could be split equally between parties. However, Russell Brand stunned everyone when he waived any claim to the money the Teenage Dream singer made during their short-lived marriage. Their joint asset, namely the USD6.5 million house they purchased together in Hollywood Hills, will be divided equally.

Rumours about their marriage being on the rocks has been rampant since their October 2010 wedding in Rajasthan. Perry and Brand however steadfastly denied all allegations, putting on an unite front at numerous talk shows and red carpet appearances.

Brand filed for divorce in late December after the couple spent Christmas thousands of miles apart. In his official statement confirming the start of the divorce procedure, Brand said he will always adore Perry and wish to remain friends.

Rumour mills went into an overdrive with many speculating that a meet up to iron out things will take place, bringing the divorce procedure to a halt. Well, now that the final papers has been filed, that seems highly unlikely.

Now, Katy Perry being the quirky superstar she is, signed her divorce papers off with a smiley face!

Not exactly a traditional approach you might think, but if you knew this couple well, traditional was never their style!

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