Brits Award 2012 in a Nutshell

British’s artists were appreciated on Tuesday night at the BRIT Awards 2012. An amazing ensemble turned up, dressed to kill. So let’s take a look at the hits and misses!

Ed Sheeran , we are a fan. The suit gets a thumbs up but the hair? Definitely a MISS this time!

Kylie Minogue wowed us with the colour of this lovely YSL dress. The cut does not overwhelm her petite frame so yes, this is a HIT.

Little Mix, 4 girls that got it so wrong. Their invite probably read “Night Out in Blackpool” instead of “BRITS Award 2012” from the looks of it. MISS!

When Video Games’ video clip went viral, we saw that Lana Del Ray had this old Hollywood touch to her style. She nailed it with this gorgeous dress Vivienne Westwood’s dress. You, Miss Del Ray, always a HIT!

Will.i.am loves standing out, we all know that. Sometimes it is good to stick with the norm and ditch the red gloves. Surely he won’t mind us rendering him a MISS because his BEP lifestyle is a definite hit.

Let’s decide on this 5 boys from One Direction. Good looking? Check. Good colour choices? Check. Perfectly matched? Check. One Direction when it comes to fashion and gettin it right? HIT!

This is the hardest decision we had to make. We all love Florence Welch as there is something amazing about this woman, because she is not your average rockstar yet you can’t help but to stop and look at her. Given her beautiful skintone, she should have gone with something bolder as this dress by Alexander McQueen just washes her out. Sorry Flo, it is a MISS!

The “Birthday Cake” girl is beaming. If you read this article , you will not need to wonder why. Of late Rihanna has been dressing up like a hobo, so we are glad to see her in a nice dress by Givenchy. Hopefully Chris Brown doesn’t get the wrong idea but this is a HIT.

Jessie J’s dress by Falguni & Shane Peacock was definitely the talk of the day. We always need that ONE celeb to turn up covering only their modesty. While the dress deserves attention , we can’t understand what is up with her hair. The whole get-up (dress hair makeup) leaves much to be desired. MISS!

We had a hard time figuring out how she manage to keep the dress up while wearing it insanely low. Nicole probably mastered the red carpet tricks and based on her pick of Versace’s dress, this woman knows what works for her. This is HIT because it shows off her gorgeous tone.

Of course this article will not be complete without looking at what the star of the night wore. After all her album won The Best Album award.

This dress worn by Adele is by Burberry and it is the perfect blend of classy and sexy, making it a HIT. Her make up is beautiful and Adele probably can do no wrong.

That is, until you interrupt her when she is making her speech! She was right in the middle of giving an emotional acceptance speech about how she was proud to be flying the flag for Britain. So when she was interrupted by Brit Awards’ host James Corden, Adele didn’t take too kindly.

Ahem, we shall let the video below do the explaining. Kepp your eyes on the finger(s) though!

All in all BRIT Award definitely gave us something to talk about this week. We shall round it up with the list of the winners!

Best Album – Adele – 21

Best Male – Ed Sheeran

Best Female – Adele

Best Group – Coldplay

Best Single – One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful

Best Breakthrough – Ed Sheeran

Best International Male – Bruno Mars

Best Intenational Female – Rihanna

Best International Group – Foo Fighters

Best International Breakthrough – Lana Del Rey

Critics Choice – Emeli Sande

Oustanding Contribution – Blur

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