Office, work, kids! That is all which is running in our minds all day long. The last thing you would want to face a dilemma in is when it comes to lunch and everyone refuses to choose the perfect place where you can sit down and take your mind away from work.

If you are looking for a place like that, we have the perfect place in mind for you. In conjunction with International Secretaries week, the Jogoya Buffet Restaurant at Starhill will be having a promotion. But the good news we have for you is that it is not just limited for secretaries! It is for everyone. All you would need to do is present your business card and you can enjoy lunch for that special price.


How does it work? This promotion is only available from 23rd of April to 27th of April and is only applicable during lunch hours which means to say you can eat as much as you want and only RM 49.90++.

Jogoya serves more than just Japanese food. Their cuisines includes Tai-Pan Asia, Western, Chinese and etc. A variety of over 400 types of food is served on a daily basis and you will have the luxury of choosing what you want to eat from 8 different kitchens.

If you do not like your food raw and that’s your main worry about buffet concept restaurants, then Jogoya has something for you as well. Jogoya came up with a clip system which is uniquely designed for everyone. All you would need to do is to drop that clip inside one of the bowls in the different kitchens and the chef in charge would cook that special dish for you just as how it is shown in the pictures.

A must to try delicacy from Jogoya is their desserts as their range includes Mochis right up to the well known Red velvet cake.



Wondering how can you finish so much of food in just 1 hour during lunch time? If you are then that should be the last thing which you should be worried about. Jogoya Buffet restaurant has different rooms which can be reserved for different purposes. So why not make a suggestion to your boss and ask him if he would like to have lunch with the entire office? After all if your boss is there and if he is enjoying his meal it won’t be much of a problem if a few extra minutes is spent during lunch hour right?.

So make an effort during the next 1 week to spend time with your colleagues and have a wonderful lunch together and see how much more fun working together can be.