How many of us sometimes dread using our phones to access the Internet simply because we can’t acess most of the websites?

The worst part comes when you are looking for a job and can’t wait to go home and check your favourite website to see if there is any new openings available right?

We have something which we would like to of course recommend to you.; the leading online career and recruitment solution provider recently launched a new application which will allow you to browse freely through this website from your mobile phone.


If your phone is powered by Windows phone, then all you would need to do is either download the easy to use application from or from the Windows Phone’s Marketplace.

Among the amazing things which you would be able to enjoy when you use this new app would be easy access to new job postings available on and immediate application via you mobile device.

Besides that, you would be able to pin this application on the screen of your smart phone and this will allow you to directly run through the different sections of the website on your phone in just one click. You would also be able to receive fresh job alerts which matches the description you have submitted in your profile on the website.

So if you are using a Windows phone and you are looking for a change in your career, then download the app now and wave goodbye to your worries .



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