Always had a problem when it came to choosing earrings? No matter how much you try, nothing seems to look ok on you instead you have something to complain about every earring which you end up purchasing?

But did you know different shapes of earrings fits well on different people because of the structure of their face? Lipstiq is more than happy to share that secret with you and we would like to solve your dressing up dilemma slowly by slowly.

So here are a few tips which you may have missed. To determine which type of earring suits you best, identify the structure of your face. Below are the different types of earrings which will suit different face cuts.

Oval Face 

If you are born with an oval face, then probably your the luckiest person on earth as any earring would match. But while you go crazy and pick out that favourite earring of yours, do consider the size of it. Make sure that it is in proportion with the shape and size of your body. But if you are looking for something simple which would make your cheek bones shine, then go for studs or pearls. If you have an oval face then you share the same face structure as Megan Fox.

John : RM570.00

Round Face

If you have a round face, the last thing you would want is to wear are accessories which would make you look stuffed. Choose earrings which are long and which would make the area just before your shoulders look filled. Pointy earrings would also do the trick. However choose earrings which are not too long as you wouldn’t want it to reach your shoulders as well. If you have a round face, then you share the same face structure as Salma Hayek. : RM69.00

Long Face

If you have a longish facial structure, then it is better for you to go for earrings which are the total opposite. Round and thick ones would suit your facial structure. These earrings will certainly make you look amazingly hot. If you have a long face, then you share the same facial structure with Teri Hatcher. : RM140.00

Square Shaped Jaw

This is a term which many people may not be very aware of but if you have a pointed chin, then you most probably do have a square faced jaw. The type of earrings which would suit you best would be oval shaped earrings. You have got a very fierce look and to lighten things up and to make you look calm, try on an oval shaped soft earring. Hoops will also be perfect for your facial structure. If you have a square shaped jaw, then you share the same facial structure with Brooklyn Decker. RM 360.00

Heart Shaped Face

If you have a heart shaped facial structure, then chandelier earrings would suit you best. Fill up the empty space on the bottom part of your face with a grand earring and see how you would shine like a star. If you have a heart shaped face, then you share the same facial structure with Jennifer Love Hewitt. : RM275.00

(Please do feel free to share any suggestions you have with us as you never know it may help someone else solve their tiny dilemma which they are going through)