Always felt that you had a great sense of fashion but no one seems to be really interested in it?

If that is the case, then here is another platform for you to show people out there how you define fashion. Uniqlo once again came back with good news for everyone as they recently launched their Uniqlooks portal.

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What is Uniqlooks about?

Uniqlooks is an online fashion community which enables people to express, flaunt and share their individual styles with others. People would be able to see how differently you match Uniqlo apparels with other outfits and you would be able to share your pictures with them as well.

If you are a regular customer at Uniqlo, then you would probably be used to their tagline which is “made for all.” However if you are not too sure how do people actually mix and match certain outfits which are sold here, then this is your chance. Go through this website and see how people match the different apparels which are sold at Uniqlo using creativity.

That Is Not All

Join the Uniqlooks competition and in three clicks, you would stand a chance to win a 5day 4 nights trip to any major city in the world that has a Uniqlo store. Here are those 3 simple steps :

Step 1: Capture your personal style with at least ONE Uniqlo apparel

Step 2: Visit for instructions on how you should upload your photo

Step 3: Get your friends to vote for you

Contest ends on 6th July 2012. Get out there and define fashion to the world out there today in your own way lovelies.

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