The weather is blazing, and we think it’s the perfect time to hit the beach… or even the pool.  Want to look good and get a good tan all at the same time? Well, here are some of our favorite swim wears that we think are perfect for some summer lovin’!

Crochet Details

source: Mango Malaysia

There is just something about that hand-woven feel that makes this kind of swimsuit stand out. It’s a sweet yet sexy and pretty original. Plus, who doesn’t love that little bit of detail? We sure do!

Floral Prints

source: Billabong Asia

For that extra boost of summer, why not go for something with a little bloosom. Floral prints are perfect for that fresh and fun look by the beach! And we’re pretty sure this kind of pattern will catch some good attention.


A little bit of Frills

source: Billabong Asia


This is the swimsuit version of a baby-doll dress. Why do we love the frills? Well, it’s pretty cute and fun if you ask us. Plus, adding that extra frill helps us hide a little bit more of what we don’t want shown. If you’re not into wearing something that is tightly wrapped around your body, then you should definitely get something with a little bit of frill.


Halter Neck

source: Mango Malaysia

The great thing about halter necks is the extra security of a little slip up. Plus, we think it brings out those collar bones – don’t you think so? And if you’ve been working out those guns, then this will definitely make it even more defined. Not only does it make your arms look good, but it helps make you a little more bustier.


Vintage High-Waist

source: Billabong Asia


Marilyn Monroe was the woman brought the va-va-voom into this trend, and we love her for doing that. The high-waisted swimsuits not only cover up a little more, but it helps boost our curves. It’s time to flaunt what you’ve got, ladies!

One Piece Swimsuit

Source: Roxy Malaysia

If your looking to be a little more conservative by the pool/beach and your not ready to wear a two piece, then these one-piece design is what you need. But instead of covering yourself from head to toe, a little cut off here and there will do just the trick! This kind of swimsuit gives the imagination a little run, and that’s what makes it such a fun choice!

What is your current favorite swimwear? Tell us what you think!