If you look at your vanity table, what do you see? Tangled necklaces, tiny boxes overflowing with bracelets, rings scattered all over the place? Before you start throwing your jewelry away because you’re tired of the mess, check out these pretty ideas on how you can store your accessories!

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1. Transparent hanger: With all your jewelry stored in transparent compartments, you won’t spend ages looking for something you want. Best thing is that you can hang it in your closet or behind the door and save space. Buy it here.


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 2. Earrings frame: Never again will you lose an earring (and ending up with mismatched ones!) with this frame-turned-earring-holder. Find out how you can make this frame here.


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3. Glass bottles: A cheap and inexpensive way to display your bangles, it also doubles up as table deco! Idea from Luckygirlfinds.com.


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4. Tie rack: Just steal one from your dad or boyfriend – I’m sure they’ll appreciate that your accessories are no longer flying all over the room now! Tie rack from amazon.com.


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5. Watercolour palettes: A cheap way to display and store your earrings. Leave some paint to dry for a more ‘artistic’ look. It’s one of Martha Stewart’s tips – thanks, Martha!


(Source: Marthastewart.com)

6. Teacups and saucers: Buy some cute teacups, saucers or small bowls (check out any fleamarkets for bargain finds), arrange them in a drawer and put your jewelry in them. Check out Martha Stewart’s site for more ideas.


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7. Door knobs: Wooden door knobs glued on a cute frame make great holders for your necklaces. Find out how you can craft one yourself here.


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8. Towel rod & shower curtain rings: I love this idea! It doesn’t require a lot of space and solves the problems of tangled necklaces, especially for someone who has tons of necklaces like me. Idea taken from here.


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9. Multi-use hanger: You can get it at any Ikea store, and use small hooks for bangles and necklaces. Your scarves can hang there and look pretty, too. More pictures here.


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10. (Faux) tree branches: We’re in Malaysia, so fallen branches or sturdy twigs aren’t hard to find – be eco-friendly and re-use them for your jewelry! Quick&Simple teaches you how to turn branches into jewelry holders.


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