When it comes you watch your favorite series, no matter how bad a guy is – eventually, your heart starts to melt for them. Right ladies? Well, we’ve seen a couple of bad-boys on the lastest trending series like Gossip Girl, Revenge, The Vampire Diaries and all the other series that hold us on for weeks.

Here are some the young men that play dirty and make our knees weak!


Who: Chuck Bass
TV Show: Gossip Girl 

Chuck Bass who is played by Ed Westwick, is a multi-millionaire and the most suave men of them all. He plays the rebel who tries to find his place in the rich world. In the begining of it all, Chuck Bass was as mean as they get, but no matter how mean he is, he will always have a soft spot for Blair Waldorf – and when we start to see that love he has for her – we can’t help but forget the bad things he has done. Now, all we feel is sorrow for him and his broken heart. Plus, for a bad boy, he has pretty good style. Those suits that he wears – oh, la la ladies!

Who: Noah ‘Puck’ Pukerman,
TV Show: Glee

In every high school, there are the popular sport fanatics – the ones that are at the top of it all. That is Noah Pukerman. Played by Mark Sailing, he is the star of the football team, and the biggest bully in school. Through out the show, you start to see him unviel himself, when he gets pulled into the Glee club, he starts shows everyone that bad-boys can sing and dance too. And well, when a bad boy sinces like that, how do you avoid falling for him!

Who: Daniel Grayson
TV Show: Revenge

Daniel Grayson played Joshua Bowman, is another rich boy who is related to the most scheming parents ever. Some may say he is good, some may say he is not. But through the last few episodes of the recent season, we start to see that Daniel Grayson is as conning as his parents. At first, he may seem like the victim of it all, but soon after he shows his true colours, you start to realize that he is just as sleezy as everyone else. He’s always got something up his sleeve, especially when it has to do with his fiancé Emily. We’re waiting on the next season to see more of his true identity. Do you consider him to be a bad boy?

Who: Klaus,
TV Show: The Vampire Diaries

Klaus is the main villian in The Vampire Diaries. The original Vampire who turned himself and a whole clan of people into hybrids (Vampire-Werewolf mix) – In the beginning of it all, you can’t stand but hate his character, so decieving and angry. But through out the series, you start to notice a soft side to him and well, when you see the soft parts of a bad boy, you can’t help but melt a little. Right? Well, we think he’s worth forgiving for his bad behavior… right ladies?


Who: Alex Karev
TV Show: Grey Anatomy

Who thought that bad boys could become docotors? In Greys Anatomy, there’s Dr.Karev who proves to use that even the baddest of boys could end up as a doctor. Alex Karev, played by Justin Chambers, is the rebel out of all of them. Doing what he wants, when he wants. There’s no doubt though, that he does have his ups and downs as a docotor, but none the less, he is always game when it comes to challenges. But with him, it takes a lot more understanding to realize he is a good person. Majority of the time, he is your usual douche-bag guy – but there are moments, small moments where you see his ego slip away for a moment, and you see that super soft and sensitive side. But like we said, it’s pretty rare. None the less, you gotta love his bad ways. Right?

Who: Damon Salvatore,
TV Show: The Vampire 

He’s a vampire, and he’s good looking – what else more do we need? Damon Salvatore is played by the oh-so-handsome, Ian Somerholder – he plays the brother of Stefan Salvator, but you could say that he is the ‘evil’ brother in a sense. Through out the first few seasons, he’s a douchebag in all senses of the word, but once you notice the love he has for Elena, you start to realize that he does have a soft side – though, he hides it in all ways possible. He always tries to be heartless and cruel, but you know his intentions are right. With the brother rivalry for the love of one girl, you can’t help but have a little pull for Damon.

So there you have it, some of our favorite ‘bad boys’! Out of all of these heartthrobs, who is your favorite? We want to know!

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