Local celebrities Fida Ibrahim (actress), Thanuja Ananthan (Miss Malaysia World ’09/’10), Megan Tan (TV host), Diandra Arjunaidi, and Liyana Fizi (singers) were whisked away to Gem Island Resort and Spa recently for the launch of Johnson’s Body Care Oxygen Fresh lotion.

They shared their thoughts on Johnson’s Body Care’s new product with us after trying it out:

Liyana Fizi: “I barely felt the gel-lotion after application, because it absorbs into my skin almost instantly, leaving it soft and supple.”

Megan Tan: “I’m pleased that Oxygen Fresh’s hydration lasts all day. The burst of sensational freshness upon my skin after applying the lotion also energizes me.”

Thanuja Ananthan: “I travel a lot, and then frequent plane rides dehydrate my skin and frazzle my nerves. This makes Oxygen Fresh the perfect solution for me – I can remain hydrated all day without the stickiness, and be calmed by its oceanic scent that reminds me of the fun times I had with my loved ones at various gorgeous beaches.”

Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion features a light texture for quicker absorption upon application and leaves a fresh, cooling sensation (we can testify to this!) on your skin. Special ingredients such as natural minerals and aqua moisture essence provide a day-long hydration for the skin, and coralline extract (from red algae) improves the skin’s ability to absorb oxygen.

The Johnson’s Body Care Oxygen Gel Lotion is available in sizes of 100ml, 200ml and 400ml, while the Johnson’s Body Care Oxygen Fresh Powder is offered in bottles of 100g and 200g. You can purchase them at major stores nationwide.


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