We all travel on a daily basis, whether it’s for work or to head to classes. Some of us don’t drive and opt for taking a taxi to every destination we go to. Nothing is ever as safe anymore, and as women, we want to ensure that we are all safe when it comes to our daily routines. Here are a few suggestions for you to do when you are travelling by taxi. Especially if you are living in a big city, safety is very important.


1. Write down that plate number
Before you get into a cab, try to catch the drivers plate number. If you can’t get it – when your inside the cab, there will be the plate numbers on the inside of the car. Write down the number and send it to a friend or family member. Whether it’s day or night – just make sure this is the first thing you do. This ensures your safety a little more. Also, in case of any misconduct, you will have this taxi’s car number stored in memory.


2. Know your direction

We’re not saying you should know the exact directions – but read the road signs and get a picture of the direction your going in. Sometimes, taxi drivers like to go the long way around to get to one destination – and if you feel like he/she, point it out. Ask what way they are taking. Especially in the city centre of KL, there are so many ways to get to one destination. If you are going to a completely new place, make sure to have a vague map with you on your journey.

3. Sit on the back left
It is a common rule that if you are alone – do not sit in the front seat of the taxi nor should you sit behind the driver. Always sit in the back and to the left – that way you have your eye on what the driver is doing.
4. Open the door before paying
The moment your taxi parks at your destination, open the door and put one foot out before paying. This ensure he doesn’t drive away suddenly, or if in any case he tries to ask for more money – you can easy get away.

5. Ask for a receipt
There has been so many cases where the taxi driver asks for more than what the meter is stating – so to avoid all that, ask for a receipt. By right, you don’t need to pay them any extra from the original taxi fare.

6. Be Alert
Notice the things going around you when your in the taxi – from the moment you enter the taxi until you reach your destination. Whether it’s how the taxi driver is acting – is he answer phone calls, looking at your funny or even driving like a mad man. If you feel that something is strange, alert a friend or family member just as a safety precaution.

7. Don’t reveal yourself 
Some taxi drivers love to create conversation. It always starts with ‘Where are you from’ then it turns into ‘What’s your name’ – Don’t reveal anything about yourself or where you live. Make up names and occupations for yourself. Keep as much away from your taxi driver – he doesn’t need to know your life story. This will also ensures your safety after the taxi ride is over.

8. Don’t get into an occupied taxi
Hailing for a taxi can be a bit of a challenge at times. Sometimes, a taxi stops but there’s people inside. He tells you that he’s only dropping that person off on the way. Whether it’s passengers or a friend – step away and hail another cab. You safety is key, so don’t do anything to risk that.

If you encounter a terrible taxi ride whether it was bad driving, or bad behavior in general – Make sure to get the drivers number plate and file a complaint HERE!


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