Lana Del Rey has been the talk of town since her hit song ‘Video Games’ – her unique tunes and vintage looks are a breath of fresh air for us. She’s also made an impact in the fashion industry: Mulberry dedicated a bag to her (the Del Rey), and she’s the face of retail giant H&M this season.

We’re not only fans of Lana’s music, we also love her vintage, 60s look which is one of the fashion and beauty trends for Autumn/Winter 2012. We got together with make-up artist, Haze Long to put together Lana Del Rey’s classic make-up and hair looks.

Make-up tutorial
When it comes to Lana Del Rey’s make up – the first thing that comes to mind is vintage. And that is exactly what Lana is all about – she is all about that 60s feel with her simple eyeliner and bold lips. Want to get her look? Watch this tutorial and find out how…

What you need: Foundation, concealer (optional), powder, eyeshadows in earth tones, black liquid eyeliner, black mascara, black false eyelashes (make sure they’re heavier towards the ends), light pink blusher, nude lip liner and lipstick.

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow in order to get Lana Del Rey’s signature make-up look:

1. Apply foundation to give your skin and clean and smooth finish before you apply the make-up. Use a concealer to hide any spots or marks, then apply powder to set the base.
2. Draw in your eyebrows with a dark brown – Lana’s eyebrows are usually straight but angled upwards. Use natural earth tones (start with a light shade of beige) for your eyelids.
3. Follow the crease on your eyes with a darker brown shade to create the illusion of deep eyes. Line your eyes with eyeliner, preferably liquid eyeliner, and make sure the eyeliner is thicker towards the end of the eyes to create that classic vintage look. Use brown eyeshadow to draw on your lower lashes.
4.  Before glueing on the false eyelashes, be sure to curl your natural lashes and add a a coat of mascara. Put on your ‘falsies’ and make sure they’re heavier towards the outer part of your eyes.
5. Add a light pink blusher on your cheeks.
6. Finish of the look with a nude line liner and fill your lips with a nude shade lipstick.


Lana Del Rey Hair tutorial
Do you like Lana Del Rey’s ‘old Hollywood’ hair style? Well, here’s how you can do it!

What you need: Curling thongs, hair brush and hair spray

We’re going for her classic dolled out curls for this look. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Part your hair into different sections.
2. Keep the curling thong away from your face to avoid burns.
3. Curl your parted hair all the way to the top, and do it all around until you’ve curled all your hair.
5. Once your hair is completely curled, comb it all out in order to get that vintage finish.
6. Brush your hair to one side, and your look is complete.


There you have it – a simple and easy way for you to get a Lana Del Rey-inspired look. Have a go at it, and tell us how it works out for you!

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