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Style Spotlight: Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith

Power couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are not only the funnest couple in Hollywood – but they are pretty stylish too. Let’s take a look at their style as a couple and whether they make it look good -or just completely wrong.

1. We don’t know who dress who – but Will Smith has plus points in this tux, but for Jada… we’re not so sure what’s happening in that dress. We don’t know if we can actually call it a dress…

2. Now here’s a good lookin’ couple. Will wore his usual bow-tie tux and Jada is looking pretty irresistible in that gown.

3. We could call their look ‘hobo-chic’ here – what do you think? We think it’s adorable that they are both so bundled up!

4. Now, Will and Jada are looking rather classy here. Prim and proper – for the both of them! Something different from the crazy wild characteristics.

5. Individually, Will and Jada know how to make their looks fun. Jada is wearing this golden sheer dress and Will… well, the only thing standing out is that polka dot tie – and we think it’s adorable!

6. For the premier of MIB 3, we can see that Will and Jada are going for that black and white theme. Sort of like a ying and yang thing. We think it’s pretty adorable… what do you think?

7. Here they are again, in a sort of coordinated matter – something about both their outfits that match together perfect. Indivually, we doubt those looks would work – but together they make it work. Oh, and we love how Will is taking more risk than Jada when it comes to fashion!

8. This is the ultimate couples outfit – they may not be wearing matching t-shirts but they are definitely wearing matching colours. Notice how Will’s shirt is the same shade of pink as Jada’s.. pretty neat huh? Got to love their efforts.

9. Now, here’s a look that made us tilt our heads to the side – why is Jada so dress and Will looks like he just went out to the mall? I doubt we’ll ever understand this look and the concept they were trying to pursue..


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