When you think of denim jackets, you instantly think of the cowboy era, right? Well, not anymore, because denim is back! And it’s going to be bigger than ever! The biggest fashion trend that we’re noticing are denim jackets, you can wear them with almost anything and everything! It’s the perfect peice of fashion to make an outfit look even more chic!

At first, denim jackets were saved for the autumn season, but now they are coming out for summer, and since we’re in Malaysia, it’s summer all year round.  Celebrities like Sophia Bush and Rachel Bilson are known for wearing denim at least once a week!


The beauty about denim jackets are the shades of denim that you can get – there’s a big variety  If you want that cool and collected look, try washed out denims and if you’re looking for a clean cut yet sweet look, go for a darker tone of denim. Seriously, it will make a difference.

Though, there are still a few things that you can and can’t do when it comes to wearing denim – you don’t want to get it all wrong do you? To help you out, we’ve listed out the things you should do and avoid the next time you put on your denim jacket.

DO’s & DON’Ts when wearing denim jackets:

  • DON’T wear denim on denim – sure, it may look nice, but we’re not cowboys, this is not the era to be doing such a thing.
  • DO wear it with floral patterns or any pattern in general – the misconception on how to wear denim is always made to just plain and denim – but now, it’s alright to wear your denim with a patterned dress or a floral dress, in fact, a denim pulls the entire look together perfectly.
  • DON’T wear those 3/4 denim jackets that just cover your shoulders – not flattering to a woman’s figure.

Have not tried this look yet? You should! If you’re someone who doesn’t love to show off too much skin, then a denim jacket is the best thing to have around you. It’s comfortable and stylish all at the same time! Now, who doesn’t love that combination?

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